I’m a very competitive lady, stems from my soccer days. And it’s more of a competiveness with myself…I’m too hard on myself. Just ask Tim, he’s gone on runs with me before. He just laughs when I get frustrated that he’s faster than me 🙂 I guess I should realize that A) Tim is a very fit boy! and B) He’s a collegiate athlete who does some intense training. So, to say the least, I think I’ve gotten down on myself too much this week. It all started with last weekend’s run…

Last weekend I did another 10 mile run and it KILLED ME!!! My legs were throbbing in pain–it was time for a new pair of shoes. Unfortunately, I injured myself before the new shoes could make a difference. Nothing major–I have a bad left ankle from soccer, so it’s easy for it to get stiff and then turn into a pain that runs up my leg 😦

Well, the good news! I got a new pair of running shoes!!!

The not so good news…I attempted to run on my bad foot too soon. I would come home FRUSTRATED with myself. I knew that taking a couple days off wouldn’t affect my training greatly, but I was stubborn. Sometimes I just NEED to run…ya know? So here’s the lesson I learned this week…

Any run is a good run.

(Early morning run…not the prettiest picture, but I was still happy to run!)

Even if some of my runs included walking, I was out there! My injury also helped me focus on other aspects of my body that I’ve been neglecting lately, like cross-training, stretching, and yoga 🙂 Here’s what my week of working out looked like:

Sunday: 10 mile run
Monday: 35 minute run (shouldn’t have!) + 35 minutes of yoga and stretching
Tuesday: Speed workout (REALLY shouldn’t have! I thought that if I got home sooner the pain would end sooner…real smart, Becca!)
Wednesday: 20 minute run/ 20 minute walk (I had to walk home…too much pain.)
Thursday: rest day (lots of stretching)
Friday: Speed workout with Timmy!
Saturday: 33 minute hill workout (oh my!)
Sunday: 7 mile run (my legs were SORRRRE!)

Sad news…the rocky trail at Forest Park hurt my foot/ankle again. So I need to rest for a couple of days. I’m hoping to ride my bike. I went running with a friend this morning, and when we were done (both of us in pain for different reasons), I said, “I guess any run is a good run.” And if I said that out loud, I need to BELIEVE it!!!

I’m very proud of my body and its accomplishments up until now, and I have full FAITH that with a little rest and realistic thinking, my 1/2 marathon is going to be great (just a couple weeks away!)

And to answer the question to the last post…should I run a marathon in October? Well…I think I’m going to shoot for it!!! What that means is, I’m going to train, increase my mileage, and just see how my body handles it. So one day at a time! I also want to train with Timmy, and he may need a little break from his track season.

Preview for next post: What’s the perfect running shoe for you? I’ve been reading up on this, so I thought I would share some fun facts.

Also, I bought this book recently…

I’m not converting to being raw by any means, but I find a lot of truth in eating foods in its purest form–just the way God created them! So I’m excited to get familiar preparing raw foods. Those will be some fun posts to read 🙂 I thinking I’ll do some reading/ research now and do most of my experiments this summer (some before then too!)

Hope everyone’s spring break was restful! I start student teaching tomorrow!!! Blessings on your week.

Plan out your workouts and meals for the week!!!