I had such a great weekend and start to my spring break! Saturday was spent with one of my best friends hanging out at Timmy’s track meet. It was glorious weather! 70 degrees without a cloud in the sky.

We love chacos!!! Spring is definitely in the air 🙂

Tim did AWESOME at his meet. He got FIRST in the 400 meter race. This is an attempted picture of Tim running his 200 meter race. I think I got carried away with watching and screaming his name 🙂

I packed a lunch for the meet and came up with this AMAZING sandwich. I would like to call this an Almond Butter Sandwhich (with a twist!)


1-2 Tbl raw, crunchy almond butter
1/2 large carrot, gratted
small handful of raisins
dash of cinnimmon
couple Tbl of raw sunflower seeds
bread of choice

The flowers in the background were a gift from my cooperating teacher. Friday was my last day of my practicum at West Sylvan Middle School 😦

I’m in LOVE with Trader Joe’s raw almond butter. And it’s unsalted!!! So much cheaper than any other almond butter out there.


Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and spoon onto a slice of bread. Top it off with sprouts. (I’ve also used spinach).

It was perfectly filling, but not too filling! I like adding veggies to a classic PB & J sandwich. The carrots add so much sweetness to it.

Sunday was another fun day! Here’s what I did…

-10 mile run in Forest Park with a friend 🙂

…I had this before my run!

-lunch made by Tim (veggies sandwich!!!)
-made a yummy pudding dessert (vegan too!)
-bought new running shoes!!!! (I will be doing a post on running shoes soon!)
-breakfast for dinner (Carrot Cake pancakes!!!)
-relaxing on the couch with Timmy!

Oh…and I bought this!

It’s a foam roller. I’M IN LOVE!!!! Timmy rolling out his hamstring.

How can I put this…”It hurts so good!”

My legs have been so fatigued and tight lately. And there’s 2 reasons for this….

1. I don’t stretch enough
2. I needed new running shoes

Hopefully both of these problems will be solved with my new foam roller and running shoes. I’m also stretching a lot more now. (post to come).

Anyway, for those of you beginning your spring break, enjoy 🙂

As my friend Dana said on her facebook status, “I’m so blessed!”