I just made homemade Lara Bars and I couldn’t wait to share it with you, so I’m doing a quick post 🙂

The battery in my camera is dead, so Tim took this picture with his phone and e-mailed it to me. Not too shabby 🙂 Oh, and my hands are all shiney because of the oil from the ground up almonds.


2/3 cup raw almonds
1 1/2 cup dates
2/3 cup shredded, unsweetened coconut
1 Tbl. coconut oil


I used a magic bullet to grind up all my ingredients, but I recommend a food processor if you have one. The magic bullet took a while 😦 Just have to have patience though.

First, I ground up the almonds in the magic bullet to make some almond flour. Then poured that out, but leaving a little bit on the bottom of the cup. Now begin adding about 1/4 cup of dates at a time, as well as the coconut and coconut oil (a little at a time). Empty the cup each time they’re all ground up. Repeat this process. (You wouldn’t have to do this with a food processor–just add the ground up almonds and the rest of the ingredients together right away.)

Should be a very simple process, but I did not have the right device. I guess a food processor is going on my wish list.

Wish List:

1. Garmen Watch
2. Food Processor

oh…some day….

This recipe made about 7 lara bars…which, if you buy at a store, are $1.99 each! Oh the wonderfulness of simple ingredients with such amazing, bold flavors 🙂

Alright, bed time 🙂