Something that has always motivated me when it comes to health, are goals! For example, I am much more motivated to be CONSISTENT with my running when my goal is to run a 1/2 marathon. The consistency that comes with making goals is probably the biggest reason why I need goals…I know no one can be perfect, but it’s kinda like an invisible accountability partner 🙂 So, to say the least, I decided to type out my goals for both fitness and food the other night, just for accountability sake. Here’s what I’ve got…

Becca’s Fitness Goals:
1. Core strength
-Abs at least 3 times a week
2. Flexibility
-Yoga at least once a week
-Stretch after any workout
3. Upper body strength
-Push-ups at least 3 times a week
4. Overall Strength
-Strength training at least once a week (weight room)
5. Cardio
-Run at least 4 times a week

Becca’s Food Goals:

1. Green Monster every day (with Amazing Food Superfood)
2. Salad once a day (whether it’s the meal or on the side)
3. Incorporate chia seeds into diet every day
-In green monsters, salads, granola bars, cereal, etc.
4. Vegetables with my lunch and dinner
5. Snack during the day does not exceed 250 calories
6. Drink tea at night (to help stop snacking/cravings)
7. Plate my food
8. Drink at least two 42 ounce water bottles a day
9. Avoid: “thoughtless food”—meaning, just grabbing food and putting it in my mouth; avoid eating until I’m FULL at dinner—need to eat for contentment

(Me after a run in the rain!)

Note: These goals are specific to what I ENJOY doing (running), so everyone’s goals should be different. These goals are also specific to things I hope to work on (“thoughtless food” or strength training). And just to let you know, the strength training stuff will probably happen more when my 1/2 marathon is over.

Anyway, thought I would share some goals with you. For me, I’ve reached my goal when I’ve been consistent with meeting them for a long time. What’s a long time…more than 3 months for sure 🙂

You might have noticed that I included yoga in my fitness goals, which brings me to my next topic!

I started doing yoga at Concordia (3 times a week at 7am, for an hour). And I got HOOKED!!! I craved yoga and felt the benefits! It improved my core strength so much and my flexibility–both very important for running! I also became very in-tune with my body. This is priceless. When you become more intune with your body, you’re more likely to treat it better–give it what it needs. I can’t imagine eating a big donut after a yoga session! It’s almost like you become more thankful for your body and want to please it with good foods and health! So, this is why I want to incorporate yoga back into my life!

I have a yoga dvd, but of course those can get old. I actually ran into this website from reading another blog, which provides FREE yoga flows. Meaning, it’s not a video, but a document you can download with all the poses. It creates the flow for you. You go at your pace and usually do it in about 20 minutes (but of course you can do more). It’s also great because there is yoga specific for different purposes, like running, wieghtloss, flexibility, cyclists, strength, etc.

Check out the website HERE.

What are some goals you would like to set for yourself? Is there anything you’ve always wanted to incorporate into your life, but have never tried yet…like yoga or strength training, or chia seeds 🙂 ???