Tim and I celebrated a late Valentines this weekend (since he had a track meet last weekend), and it was perfect!  It was relaxing and exactly what I needed–time with Tim 🙂  We have such busy lives that when we actually get a chance to slow down together–it’s perfect.

Our Valentines started on Friday night.  We went to our FAVORITE restaurant for dinner–Laughing Planet.


The place has a very casual feel–definitely our type of place 🙂  I wore Tim’s sweat pants and a sweatshirt on our date.  I was super relaxed!  This restaurant is all about FRESH food and…dinnasours!  You’ll find these little guys on all the tables 🙂

What did I order?  I ordered one of their bowls–more specifically, the “Soylent Green”.  Includes shiitake barley-quinoa pilaf, steamed chard, broccoli, organic tempeh and a cilantro pesto sauce.  It was amazing!

Sorry my plate is sorta messy.  I had already dug into my plate when I realized I hadn’t taken a picture yet 🙂  Tim had a BIG burrioto 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot!  We also shared a vegan, black bean quesedilla.  It’s vegan, because there was no cheese–just their amazing black bean dip, pico de gallo, and brocolli (Tim ate most of this 🙂 )

So that was Friday night.  Saturday was another day together 🙂  What did we do?

First, we went for a short run (2 miles) and worked out in the weight room.  Came home to have lunch, watched a move (Paperheart–so cute), then went to our FAVORITE BAKERY EVERY!!!  It’s a vegan bakery and they made our wedding cake.  It’s called Sweetpea Bakery.  On the weekends they even make vegan donuts 🙂 

And as you can see–a beautiful, sunny day in Portland!

Tim and I got 2 slices of cake–oatmeal spice and coconut.  And yes, we split them for dessert and I was FULL of cake!  Next time we’re only splitting ONE slice 🙂  Oh my.

After the bakery we went GROCERY SHOPPING!!!!  And guess what store was just down the street???  YUP!


With all the wonderful groceries we just got, we came up with Sweet Potato, Spinach Burrittos for dinner 🙂


Sweet potatos

Black beans





I could eat sweet potatos every day!

Another angle…because they were that good!

Tim also surprised me with Netflix!!!!!  So we watched a movie with our dinner–we eneded up falling asleep on the couch and didn’t wake up until 8pm!!!  It was hard to fall asleep last night because of this little nap.

So that was my wonderful Valentines Day with Tim.  Lets look at my WORKOUTS!!!

After my 2 days off, resting my quad, I jumped right back into everything with a quick paced 30 minute run on Thursday and 48 minute run on Friday.  Saturday was the short run with Tim and the weightroom and this morning…82 minute run!!!!  And IT FELT GREAT!!!  My quad felt good too. 

Post long run breakfast included a banana with almond butter.

And…a GREEN MONSTER!!!  It’s a movement 🙂


1 banana

1 cup Almond Milk

1 Tbl ground flax seet

2 cups spinach

2 cubs of ice

It was yummy and gave me lots of energy for the day!!!

Church this morning was great, and now I’m meeting up with some girls from a Bible Study to go see Valentines Day in the theaters.  I’ll check in with you later!