I really don’t like numbers, and I’m not just talking about Math (which I don’t like too much either!)  I’m talking about numbers on the scale…pant sizes…EEEEK!!!

To go along with my Lent goal–PRAY whenever I think negatively about my body, I thought I would share this blog post from Oh She Glows.  A reader asked the question:  “What pant size are you?”  And her response was, “A healthy size!”  She comments how every store is different in the way they size their clothes, everyone’s body types are different, metabolism rates…you get the picture!  WE (I) HAVE TO STOP COMPARING OURSELVES TO OTHERS!!!

So she posted a challenge on her blog–cross out the pant size number on all your jeans with a permanent marker and write:  “A healthy size” instead.

Check out the post here:  Oh She Glows!

I woke up feeling good about myself today 🙂  Thanks, God!  You make me feel beautiful.