I’ve been thinking about Lent…should I give something up?  As I was talking to Tim about this, I’m having a hard time deciding if there’s something I need to give up–I don’t feel too attached to anything these days, besides my bed at night, but I really need that for the sake of being a good student teacher right now 🙂  So I said to Tim, “What if we gave up something we think too much about that maybe we shouldn’t think…”  He replies, “Do you mean stop thinking?”

A few gigggles.

Then I replied, “Well, no…but what if we stoped and prayed whenever that thought came into our mind?”


Still silence.

There was no answer to this–we’re just thinking.  Funny how I know what I need to pray about more, but I didn’t say it out loud to Tim.  Sometimes I just don’t want things to come off as complaining…but maybe I’ll share it with you 🙂

For the Lent season, whenever I think about…BODY IMAGE…I’m going to pray.  “God, this is you’re body.  Take away these selfish thoughts and allow me to use my body only for your glory.”

Sometimes it’s difficult to talk to Tim about body image related stuff…it’s just different when you’re a girl–ya know?  It’s almost as if we think about it unconciously.  And it might not be the though, “I’m fat!”  It could be, “My hair!  My outfit!  My teeth!  My legs!”  Why are we so obsessed with the way we look????!!!!  Am I alone in this?

I don’t want you all to think that I’m obsessed with my body and might have an eating disorder–that’s not the case!  It would just be nice to accept who GOD CREATED ME TO BE!  He was SO careful in the way He created me.  Sometimes I feel like God wants me to struggle with issues like body image so that I can RELATE to other women and reach out to them.  God didn’t want me to be haughty and stuck-up, so he didn’t create “Movie-star looks” in me, but he did create an ATHLETE, a MUSICIAN, and person who LOVES!  God put such careful attention into how to create me–He wants me to struggle with this right now in order to figure out WHO I AM!!!

I’ve never really opened up about my struggle with body image before (only with my sister and Tim), but I really do want let others know that they’re not alone in this!  All types of women of all ages struggle with this issue.  Some days are better than others, but lets make a goal to have more good then bad!

As a final note…lets talk food and workouts!

WORKOUTS…just did 400 abs tonight, but that’s about it in the past couple days.  Still giving my quad a break.  I’m going to try a light run (30 minutes or so) tomorrow, then a 50-60 minute run on Friday.  Sunday will be my 80 minute run…holly cow!  Maybe I’ll get Tim to go to Forrest Park with me 😉

FOOD!!  I actually took some pictures of my breakfast and lunch yesterday and dinner tonight.

I woke up starving yesterday, so I listed to my body and fed it something substantial!  Oatmeal 🙂  With banana and almond butter on top!  (oh, and that’s sprinkled coconut on top!)

Add 1/2 cup boiling water to oats.  Mix in 1/2 cup Almond Milk, 1 Tbl. Agave Syrup, sprinkle of cinnimmon, handful of dried coconut (unsweetened), then top it off with a Tbl. of Raw Almond butter and sliced banana.  Oh so yummy!

I packed my lunch to go.

The nice big salad!  The apple and banana are for an afternoon snack when I’m stuck in traffic on my drive home.

Dinner tonight hit the spot!  I went grocery shopping at the Alberta Co-op and came back with some fresh produce!  So of course a HUGE salad was in order!


Spring Salad Mix with some Romain Lettuce

tomatos, avacado, raisins, sauteed eggplant, brocolli, and carrots, and black beans.

Brown rice (bottom layer)…this is to make it more substantial and filling to get through a night of homework!

There’s rice under there, promise 🙂  I topped it off with this salad dressing…

Roasted Red Pepper Vinagerette!  I also had a slice of Daves Killer break with honey on the side. 

Later on in the night, Tim and I had some spoonfuls of Coconut Bliss icecream–it’s icecream made with Coconut Milk instead of milk for its base!  It was A-MAZING (and on sale!)

Well, Tim and I are going to finish The Pursuit of Happiness now!  We’ve been watching a little bit every night before we go to bed…just to relax 🙂

Let me know what you’re giving up for Lent!  I would love to know 🙂