Happy Saturday!

Wow!  This week has been crazy–it all hit at once since I’ve been back from California.  I’m trying to adjust to my new schedule–STUDENT TEACHING!!  I’m with 7th graders all day.  Still getting used to a 8-9 hour day.  I guess this is what growing up is like 🙂

Still trying to keep up with 1/2 marathon training, while listening to my body.  Here’s what my week of workouts have been like:

Sunday: 35 minutes quick paced run

Monday: 45 minute run

Tuesday: Weight Room workout (30 minutes on the elypical + lots of weights and abs!)

Wednesday: day off

Thursday: 35 minute, fast run

Friday: another day off

Saturday: 30 minute, fast run + warm up drills WITH TIM!!!  I got to run with Tim this morning!

Either Sunday or Monday I’m going to do a 70 minute run.  Still need to increase my milage every week!

I got to go on a run with Tim this morning because he wanted to warm up his legs a bit for his track meet with weekend.  He left this afternoon for Seattle and will be back tomorrow night.  Hence the title of this blog–“Valentines Weekend–Kinda”.  We’re not doing anything because of the track meet 😦  Oh well!  We had the morning together 🙂

I haven’t been too creative with meals this week, and I apologize for the lack of pictures.  I’m hoping, to balance with my new schedule, to post at least 1 or 2 food posts with the recipe and picture.  This will motivate me to cook something new every week too! 

I was craving a Kambucha today and finally got one!!!

Taking it easy the rest of the day and working on some lesson plans–yay for becoming a teacher…FINALLY!!!