I need to write!  This has priority over the dishes, because I just can’t seem to get this feeling off of me today!  What’s that feeling…


Why, oh why! Is this a constant struggle with women.  I remember the first time I really worried about my body image–in 4th grade!!!!  That is way to early to be thinking about this stuff.  What I really don’t like about this constant struggle in my mind, is that it CONTROLS my day, my mood, my productivity, my relationship with Tim–it controls me!


The purpose of this blog is to share the idea that every day is a chance to RENEW ourselves, with a focus on feeling healthy.  Yet, something I will forget, is that my strength and renewal and BEAUTY comes from God.  God gave us the freewill to make our own choices every day…what does this mean for me today?

It means that I can choose to be positive about my body.  Today I will make choices about eating that will make me feel good and not allow me to get lost even further into this “fat mind-set”.  And then I’ll take it from there…I’ll see how I feel tomorrow and look positively into the future–with these choices I will have a healthy, strong body.

Writing all this down still doesn’t always make everything feel better.  The fact that my pants aren’t all fitting like I would like today still follows me–because I’m WEARING them!  You know what started my “Feeling Fat Syndrom” today??  It was comparing myself to another girl’s body.  How often do we all get caught in this? 

Here is my prayer…”God please allow me to feel beautiful today.  Beautiful in a way that I know pleases you.  Help me to stop comparing myself to the past and allow me to look at today.  Thank you for always telling me I’m beautiful.  Amen. ”

I’m feeling better.  Thanks for listening.  Lets all pray for one another today, that we all feel beautiful, not because of our bodies, but because God created us!! 

This is why I should always be happy…