Lots of things to check off my “To Do List” today.  Finished one this morning–grocery shopping!  I love making a grocery list and planning out some dinners for the week.  I always leave a couple days unplanned, because thoughout the week I always end up coming up with a great meal ideal, whether it be from blogs I’m looking at, or it just comes to me!  This usually means another trip to the grocery store, but I never mind! 

I went to Trader Joes and New Seasons Market this morning (and Walgreens for a couple non-food items).  Here’s what my grocery list looked like:


carrots, tomatos, cucumber, avacados, onions, sweet potatos, plantian, red peppers, romain lettuce, sprouts, guacamole kit from T.J.’s, stir fry mix from T.J.’s, cilantro, fruit (usually whatever is cheapest, meaning–whatever is in season!  This time it was apples and oranges)

Other foods

tomato sauce, almond milk, pita bread, sandwich (love Dave’s Killer Bread!), hummus (x2), raw almond butter, raisins, granola bars (lara bars + some T.J. ones), black beans, canned olives, canned corn, canned pumpkin, salad dressing, chocolate chips, cane sugar, brown sugar, canola oil (I’m running low on baking goods!)

This was a pretty big list for me.  I’m pretty sure it’s because I wasn’t here all last week, so I had to stock up again 🙂  Plus, I was running low on some basic items (sugar, almond butter, black beans, corn, etc.).  Overall, this bill was about $100.  I expect a lot of these things to last past this week though.  I’ll let you know in another blog post how much a typical grocery shopping adventure would cost me!

I’ll let you know how I end up using all these foods for dinners this week!  Should be yummy 🙂

Oh my, I see the sun shinning through my window!  That means I’m going to have an excellent run this afternoon!  I can’t wait to breath in the Oregon air again 🙂

I’ll probably check in later today to show you some cookies I’m planning on baking and my dinner 🙂  Just as a sneek peak…I’m using plantains in my dinner…I know!  Exciting stuff 🙂