It is bitter sweet that my week is coming to a close here in Turlock.  While I’m going to miss my family, I miss Tim sooooo much!  This may sound corney, but he really is my other half, and it feels weird being here without him.  So nevertheless, sad to leave my family, but anxious to be back home!

Since I’ve been bad at posting every day this week, I thought I would just go over a few meals I ate as well as what working out has looked like for me!

Food (always my favorite!)…


Lunches are usually a salad or sandwich.  I always start craving veggies around lunch time 🙂  The salad dressings from Trader Joes are super yummy, or I just put a spoonful of hummus on top.  This particular salad I roasted some veggies (bell pepper, brocolli) in the oven.

This veggie sandwich is one of my favorites!!  Sprouts, avacado, hummus, and cucumber on a toasted sprouted wheat bagel–never gets old!  And that’s a side salad with a scoop of hummus on top 🙂

One day I brought Renee out to lunch to Chipotle, for a belated birthday gift!  I LOVE their salads 🙂  Black beans, rice, grilled veggies (peppers/onions), corn, salsa, and LOTS of guac!!  Top it off with the best chipotle dressing–oh my!


A tradition that I started with my dad after I left for college and would come home for visits, was PUMPKIN PANCAKES!!!  Instead of waking up early and making him them for breakfast, we decided to have it for dinner!  I put a little bit of almond butter and slices of banana on top of mine, then drizzeled some agave syrup on top 🙂  Simply perfect!

I had 2 🙂

Last night we had a family game night.  We played Taboo–oh my!  Such a fun game.  Dinner was burgers and home-made sweet potato fries.  I ended up grilling some veggies for myself.

I dipped the veggies in some hummus 🙂  If you can’t tell by now, I love hummus!


It has been a more relaxed week with my workouts, but I’ve tried to do something every day, and I did fit in my long run because I didn’t want to loose momentum with my 1/2 marathon training.

Saturday: 40 minute run

Sunday: 30 minutes on the elyptical

Monday: hiking with my dad

Tuesday: 65 minute run

Wednesday: yoga/ running around the park with Ella 🙂

Thursday: 30 minute run

Friday: 20 minutes on the elyptical + abs

Saturday: day off–spending all my time with family!

Sunday: I plan on going on a run in the morning before I leave for the airport (30-40 minutes)

What else have I been doing this week???

This week I hung out with my two best friends!  Kayla and Renee!

Me and Renee 🙂  (picture above)

We will always be friends!

I also spent a lot of my week hanging out with Ella!  Oh, Ella–I’m really going to miss her.  On Wednesday I watched her for the afternoon and we had quite a day!

First, we went to the park!

Then we went to Jamba Juice 🙂

Ella loves to laugh out loude as LOUDE as she can!  There’s no such thing as silence when you’re with Ella 🙂

Then we did yoga together–oh yes!  Ella did yoga with me.  I kept telling her it was a movie where you copied what the person was doing.  No whenever she does “Downward Dog” she says, “Lets do doggie!”  It’s adorable.

Resting pose…

Ella doing the “Cat pose” on the coffee tabel, facing the tv.  She is so cute!!!

The rest of the week Ella kept doing yoga–my sister wants to get a video now so she can keep doing it with her 🙂

Even when we were playing twister 🙂

I love Ella so much!

And lastly, what I’ve been up to this week–hanging out with my family!  My mom, dad, sister and brother-in-law, Aaron.  Last night’s game night was fun!  It was Bobbi and Aaron against my dad and I–we played Taboo!

My dad was very intense–he took this game very seriously 🙂

We did win…

Overall, an amazing trip home!  I’m glad I took advantage of my week off.  Next week begins the craziness again–this time I’m student teaching though. 

God bless everyone!