Just read Ella (my neice) a Dr. Sues book to put her to bed and now I’m relaxing with my sister waiting to watch AMERICAN IDOL!!!  I used to religiously watch this show!  (I’m excited!)

My time is going by so fast here at home–I miss living so close to my family.  Yesterday my dad and I went hiking at Mt. Diablo.  Supposedly on a sunny day you can see the entire valley of California and also see as far as the San Francisco bridge!  Although it was kinda cloudy, it was still breathtaking!  We were so high up!

It looks like my dad is going to fall over the cliff!!!  Oh my!  Don’t worry–he didn’t 🙂

Here’s the lookout point–highest point @ 4,000 feet elevation.

My dad and I also had a picnic, but silly me, I forgot to take a picture of all the food…this is all that was left when I remembered…

Hehe…not much left 🙂  I packed us each a veggie sandwich (hummus, avacado, cucumber, sprouts, tomoto) and tortillia chips with Trader Joes guacamole!  Dad had a couple cookies for dessert.

I love my dad!

There were also some crazy rocks during our hike.  Something to do with the wind and climate made them look like this.

Today was another good day 🙂  I caught up with my best friend from high school, Kayla!

I love her so much!!!  A tradition of ours whenever I visit Turlock, is to go to House of Java and get some coffee–so of course that was part of our day together.

Earlier that morning I tried out going on a long run.  I increased my long run by 5 minutes.  Which means, I ran 65 minutes today.  It was an okay run–I started to get into my groove around 20 minutes and then when I hit 50 minutes, I wasn’t enjoying it as much.  I realized I started my run too fast.  I’m just glad my long run is done with so it doesn’t linger over me the rest of the week 🙂

I hung out with my sister and Ella this afternoon then went home to make a yummy veggie pizza for my parents 🙂

This is before it was cooked!  I left a small portion without cheese for myself.


Roasted veggies (eggplant, zuchinni, onions, red/green bell peppers)


Pizza sauce (from Trader Joes)

Whole Wheat Pizza dough (from Trader Joes)

Mozerella cheese

I made a nice BIG salad to have on the side of this.  Then a piece of dark chocolate for dessert 🙂  Dinner was definitely good tonight.

Tomorrow is my day with Ella!  I think I’m going to try doing yoga with her–I’ll let you know how that goes and maybe take a few pictures!

Keep staying active everyone!!!  God bless 🙂

(I love you, Tim! )