Sorry I didn’t post yesterday–busy day that literally didn’t stop until I went to bed.  Tim and I went to an orientation at Oregon’s Massage Therapy school–he wants to do Sports Massage–so we didn’t get back until later.  But despite a busy day, I did fit in a 40 minute run 🙂  Here’s what my workouts looked like this week:

Monday: 35 minutes run (remember–this was an emotional day for me, so I kept it low key)

Tuesday: hill/speed workout out

Wednesday: bike ride with Tim 🙂

Thursday: 40 minute run

Friday: rest day

Saturday: TBD–probably a run though (I’m going to have to accumate myself to California’s climate, so it will be a test run–nice and easy!)

Sunday: Another run, hopefully longer (I’ll let you know!)

Every night I also do abs and push-ups–I want to stay consistent with this.  I didn’t end up doing wieght training this week because of a different schedule, but when I get back into Portland, I’ll start that back up!  Can’t wait to run in the warmer California weather though!!  YUPEE!!!!

Right now I’m at the airport waiting to board my flight…I just got off the phone with my mom and she almost started crying because she is so excited to see me!  I feel like I’m in my undergrad again–visiting my parents 🙂

A week of goodbyes…

This was definitely a week of goodbyes–finished all of my jobs and getting ready to go into Student Teaching full time!  This next week is my only week off before the new kind of craziness begins, but I’m excited! 

One of my jobs, if you didn’t know, was nannying for the most precious 2 year old–Amelia.  She is why I love Thursdays and Fridays!  It is a perfect way to end my week.  It feel kind of weird getting paid for playing 🙂

I’ve grown so attached to her, but I promised her some play dates in the future, and I’m going to follow through with that! 

Amelia.  I’m going to miss you.

I’m going to miss our Friday mornings story time with Maria.

I’m going to miss watching the ice skaters at Lloyd Center.

I’m going to miss dancing to the Veggie Tales soundtrack.

I’m going to miss Balls Balls Balls at the community center.

I’m going to miss making pancakes together.

I’m going to miss snuggeling under a blanket reading stories.

I’m going to miss the park.

I’m going to miss trampoline class.

I’m going to miss being a kid with you.

I’m going to miss you Amelia Julilee.

My flight it boarding.  See you all tomorrow!

I love you, Tim!  I miss you so much already.