I felt like such a house wife today!  Laundry, cleaning, cooking…oh my!  But I do it joyfully because I know that I’m serving an amazing husband who deserves it!  Tim is really busy with school and track lately, so I feel like it’s the least I can do!  He loves me back in such wonderful ways too!  For example…

After Tim’s long day of school, work, and track practice, he came home and went on a bike ride with me 🙂  I know he was tired, but he did it for me!  I haven’t ridden my bike in a long time and was a little nervous, so he ventured out with me!  I like the idea of cross-training in between all my running.

Meet Izzy (my bike!)…

I enjoyed the bikeride–it reallyworks the quads.  I also enjoyed working out with Tim–my favorite workouts 🙂

Yes, in the bathroom 🙂  That’s where our only mirror is.  And yes!  We have a map of the world for our shower curtain!  Am I sharing too much information?  Well, if it’s making you smile right now, I guess it’s okay!

Tim and I ended up biking to New Seasons to get a loaf of bread to go with our Pasta Salad for dinner.  We’re both seriously obsessed with this store!  We especially enjoy their bread samples 🙂

Pasta salad is a stable dinner for Tim and I.  Lots of carbs for Tim after his workouts, plus LOTS of veggies.  It’s something you can be really creative with…add your favorite veggies and your favorite dressing and you’ve just created a masterpiece!  It’s also tasts even more amazing the longer it sits!!!  So Tim and I are definitely having leftovers from this–we always make a lot on purpose!

Pasta Salad, ala Tim and Becca 🙂


Pasta (whole bag!)

grilled onions

grilled eggpland

grilled brocolli

canned corn and black beans

Red bell pepper

black olives

artichoke hearts

fresh basil (chopped)


handful of raisins

Pretty much any veggie I could find in our fridge 🙂  I also used up the leftover black beans/ corn from burrittos and the leftover eggpland/ onions from last night’s grilled eggpland sandwiches!  Made for a quick fix meal 🙂

Lastly, mix everything together with your favorite salad dressing!  Tim and I used this dressing from Trader Joes–Tuscan Italian.  It’s almost creamy and sticks to the noodles well.  If you can, stick the pasta salad in the fridge because it tastes best when it’s cold! 

You really can’t mess up this recipe!  I promise 🙂

I ate my pasta salad over a bed of lettuce.  Tim simply had his in a bowl.

I went back for seconds tonight–another big scoop of pasta salad and another small piece of bread.  I definitely overate and it doesn’t feel good.  I figured it out though–why I overeat at night sometimes!!  My blood sugar.  I need to have balanced meals throughout the day…breakfast, a good lunch, and a small snack.  The most important being the lunch–nothing crazy filling, but substancial enough to sustain me and my blood sugar level.  Today with that slice of cake for lunch, then some snacks in the afternoon…well, my blood sugar went crazy by the time 6pm came.  I wasn’t even really hungry for dinner, but I needed nutrients to calm my nerves!  It’s not good…so…I overate, and usually eat too fast when this happens!

Does this ever happen to you…the blood sugar problem??  I know what I need to do for my body, just gotta do it for it!

Anyway, enough about food!  Just remember, food=energy.  And energy will give you joy throughout the day 🙂

Maybe a God talk tomorrow?  Blessings to everyone!