I miss having a bed time!  9:00pm–go to bed!  I wish.  Honestly, I could crash every night at 8:30pm.  I might have to when student teaching starts up.

Well, thought I would share some pictures of dinner, only because the burrito was A-MAZING!!!  Tim made the comment that if he wasn’t married to me it would have been a PB & J for him tonight–he literally bikes home from practices, showers, eats dinner, then bikes back to school for night class.  He’s so tired lately–I feel like cooking is my way to give him energy through the day.  He needs some good nutrients for all that he does.  (he should be home soon!!!)



Mixture of grilled onions, canned corn and black beans

Red bell pepper


Home-made guac (I got the kick from Trader Joes–it comes with all the ingredients.  You just need to mash or dice!)



Tim really enjoyed his burrito!!  He gave me a lesson on how to fold the tortillia so nothing falls out of the bottom.  But sometimes you make burrittos with just too much stuff inside that it turns into a mess anyway 🙂  Those are the best ones!

The guac!

I also spent a wonderful evening catching up with Brie at Concordia Coffee House.  Don’t worry, I got decaf.  I only drink coffee socially, so it’s not too often.  Meaning–caffine REALLY wakes me up!

Hazelnut, soy (decaf) latte!

I think I’m going to fall asleep on the couch now (or browse facebook), while I wait for Tim to get home.  See you soon 🙂 

p.s.  Planning on working out in the morning, just to get it over with.  I’m going to try Tim’s hill/speed workout this time–oh boy 😉