Hope is one of my favorite words.  There’s always hope…these kids give me HOPE…

For the past two summer, I’ve gone up to Northern Canada to do soccer camps for First Nation kids and teens.  These are remote communities who don’t have much to do during the summer.  While we’re supposed to be running soccer camps, a lot of the time we’re just hanging out and being goofey 🙂  Especially during the kids’ camps–this last summer when Transformers II had just come out, some of the boys would run around pretending to be a transformer!  Good times.  Anyway, these mission trips have changed my life and I would love to share more stories with you.  For now, I’ve added a couple Youtube videos on my “Team Jesus” page that show a slideshow of pictures from this last summer and winter.

I’m feeling more up beat today–yesterday I was really homesick.  I woke up and told myself, today is a new day!  I don’t have to feel like I did yesterday.  So I started my day off by taking some “Overnight Oats” to go with me to work.

Same recipe as last time, except I bought some Raw Almond Butter from Trader Joes the other day, and used that for a topping.  And of course there was sliced banana to go with this too!

After a full morning of work, I came home to do my workout–I really wasn’t looking forward to it.  I don’t like speed drill.  A huge reason why I never enjoyed Middle School track!  (I made soccer a full time deal after that!)  But I also know that speed drills provide my legs with a lot of strength to do those longer runs. 

I did a combo of a speed/hill workout today.  Duration of workout= 43 minutes (doesn’t include stretching time).  I did my workout at a park close by that I could run to, and there’s a reason why I did my workout at this park…it has a huge hill!  There’s a running trail that goes around it, and half of the circle is up, but the other half is down 🙂

My workout: 6 times around the park, every other lap, pushing my speed to go faster (so probably a 7 minute mile pass or a bit faster).  The laps in between the fast ones are a nice slow jog (but it’s still up hill!) 

A lap is probably around 1200 meters, so 3 times around a track.

I was POOPED by the time I got home.  My quads and hipflexers burned on my jog back home.  This means I did good for my muscles today.  Tomorrow will definitely be a relaxing jog 🙂

Do you ever have trouble pushing yourself to work out harder–go the extra mile?  I konw I do.  For me, it usually happens before I even start my workout.  Once I’m out there running and my endorphins are flowing, I’m fine.  Something that helps me when I get these mental blocks, is to tell myself, I’ll only do what my body feels is good for it today.  I’m going to listen to my body.  If it doesn’t feel good going 60 minutes, I don’t have to.  So today I told myself, one lap at a time.  I don’t have to finish all 8 laps (I was supposed to do 8, but my body told me 6 was good enough!  I listened to my body.)

Just don’t be hard on your body–it will tell you when you feel strong enough to push further.  Don’t ever push yourself to the point that working out is NEVER fun.  Some workouts are meant to be tough, but not all of them 🙂

Oh, here was my lunch too…slices from a loaf of Wheat Nut Bread from New Seasons Market, with left over guac from last night, cucmbers, red pepper, and a piece of lettuce on top to hold it all together.  And of course a couple of carrots on the side that I dipped in hummus…I LOVE CARROTS 🙂

Plans for later…a small grocery shopping trip to New Seasons to pick up some ingredients for Grilled Eggplant Sandwiches tonight, then watching the Biggest Loser with Tim 🙂  Pefect.

God bless!