Today was such a wonderful, relaxing day!  Tim and I haven’t had a weekend like this in a long time.  Its been raining all day in Portland, so an originally planned bike ride got booted off the to do list, so I think I got a slight case of “cabin fever” today–in other words–I started acting really silly and Tim and I had some good laughs!  Our first laugh began with our new exercise ball that I inflated!  I was inspired by some other blogs to take pictures of how to do certain workouts–I focused on some ab stuff.  So here are some pictures (these work outs will also be on my Fitness page)…

Ab Workout # 1: Curl legs in and out using the exercise ball.  This really targets the lower abs!  Tim says if you’re feeling it too much in your legs and arms, your not using your abs enough–so really flex those abs!!!

This is me stretching out my legs.  I would recommend starting with sets of 15–increase to 30 then 50 reps.

Me smiling at the camera boy 🙂

I really like using the exercise ball because it’s easy on my back and neck.   Here are a couple others using the ball…

The basic crunch.  I like to do a set of 50 with my arms behind my head, going straight into a set of 50 with my arms crossed accross my chest.  These can be small crunches, meaning you don’t have to come all the way up–the goal is to keep your abs activated the entire time.

You’ll be able to tell through the pictures that things start to get silly–I can’t help but laugh 🙂

And up…Tim insists I smile for the camera!

Now switch to crossing your hands accross your chest–no break between sets!  You can do it!

This next one is a staple for me.  For me it provides the best results of all other ab workouts I’ve done–the plank!  I usually hold it for 60-90 seconds, but just do as much time as you can, just make sure you can feel the burn 🙂  And yes, that’s Tim’s foot on my back!

Oh, strong Tim!  I’ll try this one later, but feel free to give it a shot 🙂

Have a strong core helps SO much with any physical acitivty.  For me, I really notice it when I’m running, especially when I’m pushing myself for those long distances.  A strong core really helps me to keep my posture and running form, which helps me go further!

Overall, a great Sunday.  Bakes some cookies, had a yummy veggie sandwich for lunch, went to church in the evening and saw lots of friends, then stopped at New Seasons Market on the way home for some soup and bread for dinner (perfect on a rainy night!)  I’ll post my cookie recipe sometime this week, because it was supper yummy!  Something to look forward too 🙂

Blessings to everyone!!!  Another week–lets all pray for strength!  We can do it!

Good night 🙂