Tim and I decided to go to Macaronni Grill finally!  We did a late lunch.  Before that, we went to Target to spend our giftcards.  Why is toiletpaper so expensive??!!  Don’t worry, we also got the movie, Iron Man, and exercise ball, and oh!  This all natural dark chocolate, peanut butter spread–I think it’s supposed to be the healthy version of Nutela.  Can you tell I love food?  Honestly, I’m not like most girls.  I would much rather spend my money at the grocery store instead of clothes!

Here’s what I got at Macaronni Gril (one of my favorite restaurants!  Thanks for the gift card grandma!)

I “created my own” pasta:  Tomato Basil Sauce, Whole Wheat Penne pasta, broccoli, mushroom, and…I was supposed to get sun driend tomatos too but when Tim and I got home (and he was eating his leftovers), he noticed there were not sun dried tomators 😦  Well, it was still YUMMY TO THE TUMMY!!!

After shot…I knew that if I ate the whole thing, I would really regret it.  My taste buds were tempting me though–but I stayed strong and STOPED!!!  Eating healthy has always been easy for me, sometimes its just telling myself to STOP EATING that’s the hard part 🙂  How about you?  Is it the “junk food” that gets you, or the too much food!  (good ol’ American culture–HUGE portion sizes.  It’s dangerous and slowing killing everyone!!)  Can you tell from the picture that I picked out all the veggies??  hehe…I love veggies so much 🙂

Oh!  And of course there was the Rosemary, Focassia bread!  I could eat anything with Rosemary–if you’re ever roasting veggies, add Rosemary.  Especially if you’re making baked sweet potato fries (one of Tim’s favorites!)

Tim is so supportive of me!  When I was obsessed reading the Twilight books, he just smiled and said he loved seeing me so happy.  He even took me on a surprise date to see New Moon in theaters–now that’s TRUE love!!  Tim is also being very supportive of this blog.  Today was my first day carrying around my camera, and he just laughts.  I guess when you think about it, taking pictures of everything you eat is kinda silly 🙂  But I KNOW there are people like me out there who love food too and are looking for ways to eat tasteful things while being healthy–so I would like to share what I know about health and how I can still love food at the same time–and ENJOY eating.  No counting calories or dieting–it’s a lifestye 🙂 

Anyway, as Tim and I were leaving Macaronni Grill, I really wanted to take a picture of us, and he kept saying, “You know you’re going to post it on your blog!”  And I kept saying…NOOOOO!!!  (of course he was right!)  Well, I snuck this picture….hehe….

Isn’t’ he handsome??!!

When Tim and I got home, we CRASHED!!  We ended up taking a 2 and a half hour nap!!  OH MY!  It was dark when we woke up.  I was SUPER thirsty when I woke up–reminder–drink lots of water throughout the day if you run in the morning.  You may not be thirsty at first, but when the dehydrated head ache starts coming, you know that…opps…I didn’t drink enough water!  Some juicy fruit sounded so good when I got up…so another Pink Lady apple and a few bites of pinneapple it is!

Later on I cut up a bunch of veggies and had them with some hummus!  Then I had a banana muffin—oh my sweet tooth!  I need to control that more!  And that was my dinner–lunch was filling 🙂

I did a lot of posting today…probably won’t always be the case because Student Teaching is just around the corner.  I just want you to have a good background about who I am, so for now, I think it’s okay that I’m writing a lot!

Sleeping in tomorrow morning!  Waffles maybe???  I’ll let you know 🙂  Give someone a hug before you go to bed tonight 🙂