Me before my run…I really wanted to just lay in bed, but I just told myself…whatever, lets just do this thing!

Running is such a mental thing!  Why is it that at 25 minutes into my run, I start complaining in my head and telling myself I want to stop–oh just head back now…only go around the park once…maybe I should just walk.  YET, when I’m at 40 minutes into my run or 50 minutes, I feel great and tell myself–I could run forever!  I feel great! 

I think I figured it out…

You gotta “Get over the hump”–kinda like getting through a Wednesday!  My mind told me that once I was half way done with my run (I was running 60 minutes this morning), then it’s heading home from there!  So this is what I figure from this–today I ran 60 minutes, which is half of a half marathon!  Which means…if I can get through 1/2 of the race already, then it’s “heading home” from there!!!  Crazy how running can be so mental.  A 25 minute run should be nothing, yet that’s when I want to stop–I need to stop looking ahead at how much time I have left.  Enjoy the moment, Becca!

When I got home, I plopped down on my kitchen floor and stretched…while I ate a Pink Lady Apple 🙂


Gotta love spandex 😉

After a warm shower to heal the muscles, I ate some “Overnight Oats”–this recipe is inspired by other blogs that I’ve been reading.  It seems to be the new trend in healthy breakfasts 🙂  I first ran into this recipe on the blog:  Running Around Normal.  I tweeked the recipe a bit….

1/2 cup oats

1/2 cup low fat Vanilla Almond milk (add less if you want a thicker consistency)

palmful of unsweetened coconut

palmful of raisins

1 Tbl Agave Syrup

Couple dashes of cinnimmon

Make this the night before and put it in your fridge.  The next morning, eat as is or add some yummy toppings! 

Tim and I added sliced banana and a spoonful of Almond butter (I also drizzeled some honey over the top!…sweet tooth, remember!)

The final product!  It was quite filling.  If I hadn’t just done a long run, I probably would make it a smaller portion size, so maybe 1/3 cup oats???  Anyway, it was so creamy and delicious 🙂

Tim’s home!  Time to hang out with him…I’m thinking a walk around Target will do my legs good–don’t want them to get stiff.  (yay for Target gift cards!!)

See you later today!  PEACE!