So, today was a stay at home night–I knew it would be!  Tim and I are always so tired by the end of the week.  We decided to go to Macaronni Grill this weekend sometime 🙂  So for dinner tonight…drum roll….THAI FOOD!  Love Thai Noon in Portland.  On my way back from nannying I picked up food for us.

Tim’s order: Pineapple Chicken Fried Rice with a side of peanut sauce (he loves that stuff!)

My order: salad rolls with tofu (it was either that or chicken; i would always prefer veggies though)  And I added to that some left over pad thai that we froze from Dominic and Jena’s wedding (we took a whole pan home!!!).

Dessert (it’s Friday!): Tim and I split a vegan oatmeal, chocolate chip cookie and I had one of the banana muffins I made earlier in the week.

I also went by the Red Box and picked up Ice Age III: Dawn of the Dinosaurs –we’re the cartoon type 🙂  OH!  And when I got home, the apartment was CLEAN!!!  Tim cleaned the apartment–makes me SO HAPPY 🙂  Also allows me to relax more.

Now for the surprise….

I’M GOING HOME FOR A WEEK IN FEBRUARY!!!  Tim is looking at flights online as I’m writing this!  I really, really miss my family and I have 2 weeks off from work and student teaching in February, so it’s perfect.  Only downfall…I’m going to miss Tim…A LOT!  I already cried about it.  I seriously just love him that much.  This may sound cliche, but it’s true…he’s my other half and I just feel weird without him.  Well, he has a couple track meets, work, practice, and classes to keep him occupied while I’m gone, but who will cook for him???!!!  I’m filling up the fridge before I leave 🙂

So that concludes my Friday–I’m going to try and put pictures with my posts starting tomorrow.  We’ll see how that goes 🙂  Tomorrow morning is a long run, so I may not post until around lunch, but I’ll see you then 🙂

Pray it doesn’t rain in the morning–thanks!

God Bless <><