I’m always so tired on Fridays–the week drains me!  I don’t see how people can stay up late on the weekends.  I need the weekends to refuel, but I guess I would stay up late for my friends…okay, maybe my closest friends!

As far as workouts for today, well, Friday tends to be a rest day for me.  It’s my treat for a good week!  After I’m done nannying on Fridays, I just want to go home to my hubby 🙂  Wondering if Tim and I should go to Macaronni Grill tonight with our giftcard, or get take out and rent a movie…what do you think?

Since Friday is my rest day from working out, I will probably just do abs later on (usually 300-350, but lately Tim has been upping it…eek!), and max push-ups, which…I’m still only doing 15…girl push ups…but I go all the way to the ground!  Ok, I’m working on it!

Food…what have I eaten so far??? (and I want to start posting pictures of what I eat, just as soon as I get in a routine of this blog thing 🙂 )

Breakfast was snacking on fruit all morning…it started with a HUGE navel orange, then a banana, and then a Pink Lady apple (my absolute favorite!)  Oh, and I had a handful of dried cranberries around 10am.

Lunch was a veggie wrap…ingredients:

-Ezekiel Sprouted tortillia, hummus, avacado, cucumber, tomato, onion, carrots, and lettuce

With the wrap I ate a carrot and hummus! 

My snack will probably be my Banana Bread Lara Bar…simply perfect!  Ingredients are dates, almond, and banana!

I’ll let you know what my plans for the evening are later, but I recommend to everyone to RELAX tonight and spend it with someone special 🙂