I did my workout in the weight room tonight–usually I do this every Thursday evening because Tim has night class and I nanny all day. My work out consisted of:

-30 minutes on the elyptical
-200 sets of abs on the exercise ball
-3 x 10 sets of the lat pull downs (40 pounds)
-3 x 10 sets of another kind of pull down bar (40 pounds) (I need to find out the names of these machines!)
-3 x 10 sets of free weights (8 pounds) (Tim calls these “one arm flies”)
– leg press: a set of 30 and a set of 20
-stretching before and after!

Dinner was a veggie wrap (all the good fixings) with a side of plantains baked with coconut and cinnimon! Oh, and a vegan oatmeal, chocolate chip cookie that I baked a few days ago 🙂

Now I’m waiting for Tim to come home from his class…it was a long day for both of us!